Apply to the Improvisation School

Apply to
The Improvisation School

  •  Improvise in one of the world’s most influential improvisation communities.
  •  Experience an intense Improvisation environment
  • Limited class size
  • International influence
  • 2 and 3-month sessions
  • Some of the best narrative improvisation studies
  • learn physical skills, teaching skills, devising skills and more…

Application Process

With a selection process that allows just 6-8 students a year, we are looking for a diverse selection of passionate students who are willing to learn, grow and engage.

Day to Day Life

Where am I going to live? What am I going to eat? How will Canada treat me? How do I get there? What about language and culture? Where do I wash my clothes?

Fees and Scholarships

The school fee represents exceptional value for the total experience and instruction level. We are also aware that financial ability in the world is not balanced, so the Improvisation school offers 2 scholarships a year to students from certain regions of the world.