Head of the program and the main teacher, instigator, and facilitator of your studies, Shawn brings 40 years of practical experience from around the globe


Guest instructors will occasionally be included in the course. They will include instructors chosen for specific skills, travelling guest instructors from Europe, South America and North America.


A component of the school is to develop your teaching skills. Even if you believe you will never teach a class in your life, the skills to explain, express and develop your ideas will be invaluable for you as an artist and one of the tools that we will incorporate daily in the course.

Shawn's Background

Shawn has published his writing, displayed his masks in galleries, performed in theatres globally, created performance formats now played on three continents and proudly remains engaged in exploring the potential of improvisation. Shawn’s reach is varied and has seen him work with Mathematicians, Lawyers, Opera Singers, Acrobats and many others of all ages.


With Shawn’s early work rooted in Mime and Mask work, he brings an emphasis on form and movement. His success as a teacher in non-English speaking countries is testament to his ability to understand and incorporate the univeral language of physical expression. “The words must never be a barrier.”


Over the past four decades Shawn has been asked to teach in 52 countries.  Memorable visits include National Theatres in Scotland, Slovenia and Iceland, Universities in Oxford and Cambridge, a roofless rehearsal building in Peru,  Norway’s National Opera, a Favela in Brazil, palaces in Germany, circuses in Poland and Colombia and a laboratory in Israel. 


Shawn’s home base is Canada which he is rarely in. He works with people in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australasia and Africa 9 months of the year.

He is passionate about the education process and how we think and  interact with each other on and off stage.

This has lead to direct engagement with performers, businesses people, health care professionals, education experts, scientists, toy-makers, dancers, psychologists and even the military in various forms of improvisation and movement to make their world a little better.

“There are no boundaries to the possibilities of ideas, especially improvisation based ideas that push us to the edge of our safety structure and create growth”

Philosophical and Cultural

With constant exploration into Eastern and Western philosophies and the practical exploration of cultures in more than 50 countries, Shawn brings a global influence that broadens the perspective needed for modern performers wishing to have greater relevance.

His work has influenced my focus in improvisation the most. Every time I get the opportunity to work with him I learn so much more. I can honestly say he is the best teacher and mentor I ever had.

Vid Sodnik - Slovenia

Shawn is an amazing teacher, he will help you grow with such an honest and playful attitude and method. I was challenged and encouraged. I think that´s when my career as an actress and as an improviser finally and fully came together.

Pepa Duarte Soldevilla - Peru