The Improvisation School

welcome to the School

Improvisation is: Adaptability, Spontaneity, Awareness, Acceptance, Flexibility, and a myriad of other ‘soft skills’. It’s no wonder that Improvisation reaches into every aspect of life.  

The Improvisation School offers intense training for those interested in performing, teaching and exploring improvisation.  The school is also a research and training centre offering short term training to those in other fields


A centre of study, research and development with a strong core belief in the wealth of improvisation to the arts and the world.


Improvisation is the core, both in content and in the style of education. The practice and the ideas are Improvisation. We believe that answers are starting points not the end, and everyone has the right to learn. (more…)


Tied to the philosophy of the school, the curriculum is based on the students and their needs. Unlike many education models, the students are taught while the curriculum adapts. (more…)


Shawn Kinley will lead the studies. Guest instructors will be integrated throughout the course.  Students will also instruct in a limited capacity as part of the learning process.



The Improvisation School aims to add to the develoment and exploration of the improvisation form and create work that expands the presence and use of Improvisation globally. (more…)


The physical location of the school is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which is historically an important centre of improvisation development with much the work focused on styles developed by Keith Johnstone. (more…)