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Varied Levels

University and Colleges

From Engineering to Arts and Science, Shawn has presented theory and practical workshops aiding skills in a variety of areas for University level students.

Early Education

The formative years are the stepping stones for all that is to come. Starting early with Improvisation not only gives great advantages to the students but it makes future education easier.

Theatre Arts Schools

Having taught at various national theatres and academies, Shawn's work within the arts field as an important supplement to traditional training has been met with great enthusiasm.

High School

In the transition years into adulthood, the skills of adaptation, flexibility, awareness and self awareness are in high need. Improvisation is the tool to hone.

Special Needs

Shawn has worked with those who have physical, mental and emotional challenges. Improvisation is proving it's worth as a benefit in development and recovery.

Private School and Home School

The core expression of Improvisation aligns with aspirations and goals valued by organisations which have the student's higher needs in mind. Expression, Awareness, Empathy, to name a few.

Some schools where we have taught include:

    • Oxford University, England
    • Toho University, Japan
    • University of Calgary, Canada
    • University of Cambridge, England
    • HINT Theatre School, Norway
    • Theater-Akademie, Germany
    • Mälardalens högskola, Sweden
    • High schools and Elementary schools around the world.

Diverse topics

Any area of study that connects with communication, awareness, thought and the limitations of thought, reaction, development, human interaction, management or narrative has connection with Improvisation.

Many classes and seminars are developed on a project by project basis.  

Examples of classes include:

  • Communication and Context for High School Religion and Thought class.
  • Reaction and Response for Kinesiology.
  • Outside of the Engineers Box for… Engineers.
  • Improvisation for Actors and Opera Singers
  • Expression for Dancers
  • Narrative for English School studies
  • Impro for English as a second language.
  • Cultural Understanding for Multicultural studies