Because Survival is not enough

Status Quo for any company is death. Existing in your past does not reflect a sustainable reality or prosperous future.

You are constantly evolving whether you control it or not.  
How you are perceived is part of your presence. How you interact with a changing world reflects on how your audience values you. 

The world changes.  If you remain the same, your future falters.

The vulnerable companies see their shortcomings as well as their strengths.  They understand they are part of a system bigger than themselves.  The successful companies train for the unknown and are always ready to adapt and take advantage of possibilities.

“Longevity in this business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”
Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO

We work with...

Google- Dubai / Canada

Google showed vulnerability in their openness to figure out better ways for their personnel to interact. They evolved a basic training session into an ongoing skill building relationship. In Canada, we worked on a project that enabled participants to develop awareness of the limitations of thinking and step outside of the box.

Bridgewater Bank

How does a bank find value in Improvisation??? The initial connection was a lunch hour of fun to reward the employees. The relationship quickly evolved when they understood that the values of their company were reflected in the lessons that the employees were learning which reflected in the interaction with their clients.

London School of Business and Management

During a break in the workshop, a Manager of a multi-national company said, "There is an understanding that many of the managers coming out of business school are highly unprepared for the reality of the jobs they are stepping into. They NEED this (Improvisation) as a primary skill to survive and stand out.."

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