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Timing is everything

Timing is… every… tick tock… tick tock… tick tock “It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.” Anna Wintour “The right thing at the wrong tme Read more…

Emotional Bodyparts

TIPS AND TRICKS EMOTIONAL BODYPARTS Emotional Bodyparts Characters can drive stories. Sometimes the characters become the stories and carry the performer into places they hadn’t expected.   When the mind follows the body, there’s always an Read more…


AH-SO-KA!!! The Game of distraction and Focus I discovered this game from students when I was in teaching in Tokyo. I’m not sure where it actually came from or who created it. Whoever it was… Read more…

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Vid Sodnik

Vid Sodnik


I mention the name Shawn Kinley a lot when I'm teaching at different festivals around the world. His work has influenced my focus in improvisation the most. Every time I get the opportunity to work with him I learn so much more. I can honestly say he is the best teacher and mentor I ever had.

Pepa Duarte Soldevilla

Pepa Duarte Soldevilla


Shawn is an amazing teacher, he will help you grow with such an honest and playful attitude and method. I was challenged and encouraged. I think that´s when my career as an actress and as an improviser finally and fully came together. I can´t tell you how many drama teachers I´ve had -did my master´s at RADA last year-
Shawn is still Top 5.

Terje Brevik

Terje Brevik


Shawn is one of those rare teachers who manage not only to teach the basic principles of improv but also connects them to everything we do in life, in a fun and safe way! If I had to trademark it I'd call it Zenprov! Shawn's probably one of the most experienced teachers in the world, together with his love for the art and humanity I can't recommend him enough.

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