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There is a selection process but the requirements are flexible and based on a variety of factors. 

We are most interested in Improvisers with drive and the spirit to learn and develop.  Enrollment is limited.  6-8 people will be considered per session. We will discuss with you whether you and the School are a good fit.  Drop us a note.

We understand that life’s demands are not always easy to juggle but we do have to give preference to those who can be here for the entire school.

That’s technically not a question BUT we understand the financial concern.  We are trying to help students with the greatest needs with a scholarship program that will cover a small cost.  And we will gladly write letters of support if you are attempting to get grants and scholarships in your own country.

There are improvisation companies in the city that DEFINITELY will give you the chance to perform.  We also aim to make performance a part of the experience whether it is individual shows or presentations of formats that your school group creates in class as part of the Curriculum.

 What you rigidly KNOW might get in the way of what you might become. Leave your egos behind and prepare to question your own assumptions.  We aren’t here to confirm who you are.  We are here to offer you a variety of skills and to push you past limitations you might now hold.

Send us a note if you have any questions or concerns.