Public Workshops

Improvisation and you

World class instruction, offering improvisation skills in:

communication · awareness · reaction · empathy · intuition · focus · sports · science · research ·  presentation · support  · relationship · education · management · personal development· creativity · fun · play · productivity · and more

Session length –
3-4 hours, 3-5 days, 3 months, Ongoing development…


GOOGLE, BRIDGEWATER BANK, & BELL  have all discovered the benefits and positive impact Improvisation has on their growth, for their customers, and in their work environment. Corporate experiences that “just” leave you feeling good, aren’t good enough. There’s more. CLICK HERE FOR MORE 


Improvisation broadens training for actors and builds a greater presence. Even dancers and Opera singers whose repetitive precision is prized, benefit from Improvisation’s range of skill development

Shawn has worked with writers, artists, actors, dancers and even the National Opera of Norway.

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Integrated into all subjects at all age levels, Improvisation develops behaviours that create fluid, flexible and open minds. Shawn has taught at Cambridge, and Oxford, Universities as well as month-long residencies in Elementary schools.

Shawn has lectured in Scotland, Japan, Iceland, South Africa, more.

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Looking for that competitive edge, many athletes and coaches miss the possibility that responsiveness, reaction time and self control are skills gained from Improvisation training.

Shawn has been honoured to work with Olympic athletes in Peru and Canada as well as professional athletes in many sports.



During an improvisation workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel, Shawn was approached by a physicist who was inspired by a lesson about connectivity.

Shawn was invited to the labs of The Weismann Institute where Improvisation was used to aid in experiments and exploration from human connectivity to creativity and responsiveness.

From published papers in Systemic Family Therapy to workshops in laboratories, Improvisation has much to offer.
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It’s a mistaken belief to view Improvisation as an elitist skill. If you work, manage, relax, breathe, exist, there are important skills to benefit your life.

Lower stress levels and become healthier. Find connection and improve Relationships. Challenge yourself and improve mental health.

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