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Here’s some information, resources and more.

Other’s have asked these questions.  The answers might help you.  If you still have more questions, CONTACT us and we’ll add your question and the answer to the list!

These are the risk takers who are diving into the unknown and developing their skills.  Check out their writing and learn from their learning.

We build on the lessons of those who precede us.  Check out what they experienced, what they said and where they are now.  

A requirement to attend The Improvisation Community is to give something back to the community.  An opinion, a voice, a lesson, a realisation or question.  These posts are pieces of the process for students on their journey that they express.

How we present improvisation can train us and our audience.  Our formats support our artistic expression.  Formats are NOT Improvisation.  Formats are the packages that hold and guide inprovisation in ways that support our artistic direction.

Here are some of The Improvisation School’s formats played around the world.

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