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reMemBEr, Yor pERFekt


my nam iz JONAH

i think i lernd sumthn in my long 2 weeks on Erth. 

I am a new improoviser. Wen i wuz yunger i herd the big person say. “he’s a purfect improooviser. he has no script. he duz what he needz to do”

tha onlee thing is — I nevr LERND improoovising. 

that maks me theenk that big people forget improoovising. you don’t need to LERN how to improovis… you need to remembr wut you forgot cuz you wer a perfect improoovisr toooo.

bad lessuns in yur life jus made you furget wut you already knew

i promis to lern bettter speling next tim


Birgit · December 1, 2022 at 11:51 pm

Lieber Jonah,
herzlich willkommen bei uns, und grammar and Orthographie is less important.
Ich wünsche dir und deinen oldies das Beste!

🎈❤ Birgit

    ShawnKinley · December 17, 2022 at 4:59 am

    goot an tag Birgit
    thenk u, for riting too me.
    i will pass ur messag tooo the oldies.
    i am enjoying the wurld and it iz wunderful tooo hear frum nice peeple lik u
    smiley face

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