Very Real

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Currently performing and exploring ideas in Calgary, Canada. Part of the OVERLAP Improvisation collective.
Natalie Marshall
Actor, Student, Person

           What I realized that blew my mind while workshopping Overlap was the intense vulnerability of improvising. That more often then not, when you make a decision without thinking, it is a reflection of you as a person and we do it in front of an audience. 


     We expose what’s filling our sub-conscience to a bunch of strangers. Our emotions that we are feeling in that moment also find a way of becoming a part of our scene.

      Improv scenes are sometimes thinly veiled moments of self-expression. This is a little terrifying to realize. And also liberating. Becoming aware of this allowed me to kind of play with it. To see, can people tell when I use real moments deliberately? It is also very freeing to knowingly be open in front of an audience sometimes. It makes me wonder if that is one of the best aspects of watching improv, to see real moments or something that feels vulnerable. Something that really excites me about overlap is that we can tap into that and amplify those moments for the improvisers AND the audience. 

    It also creates beautiful moments of connection, which is so rare to share with people, especially strangers. I think its really exciting and terrifyingly self-aware, and liberating.


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