WEE WISDOM – Doing it for your partner

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doing it 4 yer partner


my nam iz JONAH

itz almost bin 4 munths on this planit

Im getting to know the big peepl mor and mor evry day. I like them. they lik me. thatz a good way to be.

i wundr why they dress me the way thay do sumtims? i theenk thay do it for themselvs (specially the daddy big persun). i dont theenk they know thay r doing it mor for themselvs than for me.  Im ok with wut thay mak me wear (mostly) but shoodnt imrpovisrs ask themselvs are they choosing thingz that maks ther partnurs happy or are thay doing it jus fur themselvs? 

just wundring. 


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