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Week 4: 

An interview with my-selves. 

Self 1: what did you think of the week you were out sick ? (Kash had Covid last week)

Self2: Last week was a blur. I felt a little bit left out from the fun and games and the opportunity for the road trip to Edmonton for the Fringe festival. 


Self1: Looks like it was good anyways you switched your show from Aug 19th to september 2nd, looks like it was not meant to be since you were out sick. 

Self2: Guess, it is so! I am glad Paul was able to switch with me and go to do the show. But now he is sick! :( 


Self 1: Now that you are almost feeling normal, how do you feel?

Self2:: I feel relieved and thankful that I got over it quickly. Thankfully my parents and family only got impacted at a milder level and they recovered fully. Everyone recovered fully before the kids had to start school and my wife arrived in town. Fascinating how it all works out at the end!


Self 1: It is indeed fascinating, how when you let go and trust in the unknown that everything will work out, and it usually does!? 

Self2: Yes! But it is not something that is totally new to me! I have in the past so many times trusted the unknown and took a step and has always been guided by the universe / spirit to amazing outcomes that I have not even thought of. 


Self 1: The invisible hand of god or the universe or spirit?! 

Self2: Yeah, letting go of my ideas and just being present and fully trusting the universe has usually worked out for me. 


Self1: How has this worked out for you in improv?

Self2: I have experienced some moments where I have walked into without any preconceived ideas of what I am doing or where the scene./story is heading. Nine times out of 10 it usually ends up in a surprisingly beautiful places that I have never thought about and it all seems effortless, 


Self1: ITs funny how the more you try the harder it gets, like quicksand. 

Self2: Paradox! Letting go of everything and just focusing on working with your partner leads to interesting places. 


Self1: In that case I don’t need to learn anything or take notes! If I am letting go and I am supposed to not hardcode things and forget things maybe I don’t need to take notes. 

Self 2: I feel like my brain is fried. I know one of the symptoms often reported by people is brain fog. I don’t seem to recollect what we did before I got sick. In a way, is that good? SO I don’t have to fill my head with different teachings, notes, instructions and all that..! I would just like to experiment and learn by trial and error. Instructions and rules seem to confuse me and take me out of my focus.


Self 1: Notes are good if you can summarize the key points. 

Self 2: I realize that. It’s good for memory and for sharing key things with others. Maybe a better way is to experiment and take notes of what you others observed that worked and what didn’t. 


Self1: I am learning to trust the body and not spend time writing notes. I was taking a lot of notes because I did not want to let go of anything. I am going to change how I write notes.

Self2: I will explore that, I am going to jump in, take action, trust my partner and be fully present to.see where our journey takes us. I will be let go of everything and if its important it will resurface and hopefully I will take a note. 





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