Cindy – The final entry!

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Cindy – The final entry!

Cindy Pittens – Week 9

Improvisation school week 9

The Final Entry!

These two months in Calgary

What a ride
So many metaphors come to mind
A theme in one of the numerous lessons
I would have loved to learn more about

For instance
Fall has set in, in Calgary
Leaves turned yellow this week
Leaves and their trees let go
As if Canada says goodbye to me

This opportunity was like the bike lanes in Calgary
Super thankful they’re there
But my my…
I needed some shock absorption
once in a while

It was like a walk Down Town
Where every turn you take,
the reflection of the glass buildings
gives you a new perspective on the same city

It was like the Chinook,
to be warmly welcomed as a friend
a player and a teacher
Especially the Kinkonautsspace, many thanks

It was like a walk in the mountains
Sometimes overwhelmed
feeling small and insignificant
but always sure of the unyielding place
improv has in my life

In class, with 5 different nationalities
and 6 very different personalities
I sometimes felt displaced
Like a rat in Calgary
many times surprised to be
the only one like me

That same class was also like the eyes of a fly
That provided me with a mosaic
1001 perspectives on life and play,
on improv and on me

My ego sometimes was like the homeless
you find in the streets
Scattered through town
pieces of self
feeling battered by the instant feedback
improvisation feeds you with

With a need for reassurance
Screaming to express
or just feeling numb if you will
Confused, messy and lonely
Not able to communicate their needs

My ego at other times was like a young cow
Just let out in the fields
Freely running and fully enjoying
Its playfulness and intensity
for example in the Loose Moose shows
many thanks

The Loose Moose theatre was like
the old book you read
again and again
Because every time you read it
You find new lessons and insights

Shawn, to me, was like water
moving fluently
effortlessly rearranging the rocks and sand
leaving his marks on the bottom of the river
then, moving on again
Curious for the next curve

Playfully fast and straightforward
Gentle where the banks are vulnerable
then, moving on again
never to return to the same place
Since it will never be the same again

I will never be the same again
Filled to the chore with improv and life lessons
I return to the wet lowlands
to continue my personal improv path
that is yet to be paved
brick by brick

After step one, comes step one.
So. What comes next?

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