WEE WISDOM – 2 – Seeing with fresh eyes.

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seeing wIth fResH EyEs


my nam iz JONAH

sinCe we last talked i theenk i hav lurnd to writ better.   the most important thing iz that we underStand eech uther. evrything els iz Xtra.

Wen my dad walks arond the room with me it maks me calm. i like wen he passes my light. my dad says its my light becuz i stare at it whenever its on.

it’s butiful. 

mom and dad ask, why R U looking at ur light? and they say to eeech uther i wunder wut he sees. they say  its the same light as it wuz the last time i lookd at it. they say nuthing changed.

but evry time i see my light i see sumthing new. i wunder if big people forget to see what is new in things they look at all the time?

i wunder if they furget to look at things they saw befor becuz they think ther will be nuthing new to see?

I wunder when peepl do ther improvisashun stuff if they furget to see and hear what ther frends r saying and doing cuz they see and hear with old eyes and old ears. they know wut wuz there befor so they dont see wut is ther now.

there is always sumthing new to see. 


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