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IMPROVISERS TRUE pánský náhrdelník kůže zub teplakova suprava teplakova suprava panska skrue kasse

Say Yes, it  brings you further

                        -Guido Chudoba

An interesting story happened during our travel through the French Alps.

I was climbing up a nice via ferrata (SEE PHOTO ABOVE – ON THE TITLE SECTION)  but I was a little bit late and a lot of people were ahead and not the fastest.

One was climbing like a turtle and couldn’t speed up. A young couple was also waiting and I asked them if I should take pictures during their climbing actions (there was enough time to do this, the turtle ahead of us …)

A via ferrata is a climbing route that employs steel cables, rungs or ladders, fixed to the rock to which the climbers affix a harness with two leashes, which allows the climbers to secure themselves to the metal fixture and limit any fall.


The young man looked at me and said immediately: “No, thanks“ then he stopped and you could see him thinking, suddenly he turned again and told me: “Why not, thank you“. We started a small talk about the human behavior to say immediately “no“ instead of being open.

I used his camera (his name was Matti and the girlfriend Anuschka) and took a lot of nice pictures of them. During the photo shooting I suddenly realized that something fell out of his backpack and tumbled down the rocks. It was his sunglasses and the bag fell as well behind the glasses.

It seems that the bag said: “sunglass…wait…we belong together”, but the glasses fell in a bush close to a tree and a significant stone,

I memorized the point, even though it was 50 m at the foot of the rocks. I explained to Matti, where he could find it.

After a while, I could overtake the turtle, with a famous “turtle jump“, which will be now in the history of this specific via ferrata. Matti and Anuschka were a little bit slower than me, even faster as the turtle and I arrived in a new personal record on the top of the mountain.

not Matti’s bag

I decided to go down again and start the search for the glasses. It took longer than expected to find the right place and it was also a little bit dangerous because it was steeper than expected and no security cable. But I managed to find the tree, the rock and ….in the middle of the bush, the sunglasses. Only the bag was lost and is still in the mountain, but this nice bag will find a bird or mouse who can use it.

I had to climb up again and wrote to Matti that I found his sunglasses. He was so happy and we met each other with his family in the Valley. He asked me what he could do for me, and I said: “Only a warm shower for me and Anita“ because we were with our camping bus on the road and it was getting cold and I was still sweating like hell.

Of course, he said “Yes!”, and we went to their holiday house. I got a warm shower and a beer and then we travelled further through France. Matti and I are still in contact and he has a brother in Strasbourg who he will visit soon and we invited him to our house.

You See how far you get with a “Yes!“ immediately.  I thought this is exactly how Impro theatre works.

Say “yes“ and it brings you further than „no“
-Guido Chudoba

  • Guido Chudoba has been Acting and singing since 1992 and Improvising since 2009. He Improvises with 2 groups and,
  • Upcoming shows
    If you are in the area, Impronauten  will be celebrating 20 years of Improvisation with 3 Shows:  “WE AGAINST US“ , “IMPROVISED BOND” and “ARTSPORTS” –  (combination of improvising artist, drawing, dancing, beatbox, etc)
    His next show is a co production with the local choir on 18th of March (2023) which is already nearly sold out.


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