WEE WISDOM 3 – Change!

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6 munths on the planet – wooooooo i am older than i wuz  when i last wrot to U. 

 it alwayz stay the same that i keep changing.


Dad sumtimes keeps doing the same thing wen he tries making me laff. same cwazy face. same cwazy sound. buuuuuuuut… that wont work. i been there – i done that. 

 i think he gets lazy. He thinks that wut waz done befor will work every time. but it wont for long… getz boring

change. Do wut would be best now – not wut jus worked befor. we dont grow jus eating banana mush every meal. chang it up muthers

 being lazy and livin in the past meanz a pretty boring futur. 

Dad sayz peeple need variation. the audeeince will get tired of yor old triks.  itz tru. 


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