WEE WISDOM 4 – Words or Communication

Published by ShawnKinley on

wOrdS or comUnikashun


my nam iz JONAH

i been on Erth 1 yare. haPPEE burfday to me! 

improovisers talk to much. pEEples talk to much and thay dosnt say much that I understand. and thay dosnt seem to say much that each uther is unnerstanding.

 I  LERND when I cry pEEpl try to take care of me. when I laff pEEple laff. 

commUnikashun is eesy with emoshun.

i herd sumone say ‘USE YER WERDS!’ maybe thay shood try to not use so many werds.  maYbe peeples shood worry less about talkin and figur out wat a smile meens or what angry faces say and reespond to that.

maYbe improovisashun is eeesier with mor comUnikashun and less werds.


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