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This week I learned and experienced the key to improv-Being vulnerable and giving up control.

Covid hit, the body and spirits were Vulnerable. I tried to be aware of how it feels and can use it on stage. It felt a mess and the body needed it: body hurts, emotion broke down very easily. Easier to say no. Everything goes out to the uncomfortable zone And only looking for safety. 

Improvisers being encouraged to show vulnerability. And the audience loves it! Why? Maybe it’s also an obvious scene everyone had when they were safe. Maybe it is nice to make the unseen to be seen on stage. 

How to make the partner more vulnerable? I think there are two ways: 1. Provide safety, we show it when we feel safe. So often the kids hurt themselves and did not cry until mama showed up. 2. Push it! Drive the partner crazy. Shawn taught us to use speed, that would work. “30 seconds to end the scene”

How to show vulnerability? Remember the covid time and use it. Maybe simple as starting by saying Yes.

After recovery, everything is brighter. The sense is stronger, eager to see, to hear, to feel.  I’m looking forward to the connection.

Those who say YES are rewarded by the adventure they have, and those who say NO are rewarded by the safety they attain. – Keith Johnsone < Improv>

Say Yes, to connect, Move the body.- Anna Robinson

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