Emotional Memories

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Emotional Memories


WEEK 8 – Emotional memories

喜 (Joy):
My love and I acted together for the first time, an improvised one-minute scene. I pretended to read by the window (with a prop book titled “I Believe in You”). I nervously pretended to wonder where he had gone, whether he would return. The music started, the door was about to open, and I hurriedly tiptoed back. He extended his hand lovingly, inviting me, and I blushed with happiness as we embraced, closing the door to the music. The joy of performing this happy scene with my love, inspired by my partner, was an unparalleled delight. Shawn said, “partner, partner, partner,” and this moment was it.

怒 (Anger):
Improvised drama is about observing, perceiving, and taking care of each other. Whenever we feel disconnected, there’s a hint of anger.

哀 (Sadness):
Tom went to the cat planet. At eighteen, he was the most dignified cat I had ever seen. He occupied the couch at home, and anyone who saw him would give up their seat.

When Tom got up in the morning and scratched the curtain, someone would open the door for him, no matter the time. He exuded confidence and never meowed loudly, waiting patiently.

I believe that animals are the best acting teachers; they convey everything without words. I cherished our “friendship” a lot. Tom would stay on my lap during some difficult times, doing nothing and yet doing everything. I would give him steak whenever he asked; I spoil children, the elderly, and small animals.

He could sleep for sixteen hours a day and would be comfortable in places that smelled like people he liked. I respected Tom’s life journey and was grateful to have had a period of time to connect with him. Thank you, Tom; I will remember you.

乐 (Happiness):
Shawn is like a Doraemon, constantly performing magic tricks. This week, he played a particularly cool scene creation game. Using his body to create scenes, for example, the arms are mountains, fingers are little people, and with the sound of coughing, the little people slowly climbed up as the mountains gradually turned into crutches, with a close-up of the person appearing. For example, a person riding a bicycle forward, the trees on both sides moving backward, and a couple of yellow leaves falling in between, creating a lifelike autumn scene. For example, a child, a shop, and a big horse gradually moving away. Diverse creativity is like opening a window, providing new angles to tell stories. This surprised me greatly.

Original Chinese writing below —


我和我的爱人第一次同场演戏,一场一分钟的即兴。我在窗边假装看书(道具书《I Believe in
音乐响起,门要开,我又赶紧小碎步的跑回来,他深情款款的伸出手邀请我,娇羞又开心的被拥抱着在音乐中关上门。这种和爱人演一场高兴戏的愉悦,被搭档启发了的怦然心动是无与伦比的高兴。Shawn说partner partner partner,这一刻就是。


我尊重Tom的生命旅程,感激可以有幸有一段时光和它有链接,谢谢你啊Tom 我会记得你。

Shawn就像一个哆啦A梦不停的变戏法,这周玩了一个特别酷的情景创造。用肢体来创建场景,比如胳膊是山,手指是小人,伴随着咳嗽声小人慢慢向上走,山峦渐变成拐杖,人的近景出现。比如一个人在向前骑自行车,两边的树向后,之间还可以掉两片黄树叶,场景创造了逼真的秋天。比如 人儿 商店 大马渐行渐远。多元化创造像开了一扇窗,又有新角度可以展现故事。这让我很惊喜。

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