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“PIVOT POINT” (A game by Shawn that aims to create a physically dynamic scene

      1. Perform a three-person scene 
      2. Re-do the scene but instruct one improviser to always move to a place on stage where he/she forms the point of a triangle with the other two performers who are the other points in the triangle. He’s the only person that needs to worry about keeping the triangle shape. The triangle must have three equidistant sides.
        (The first time you play the game you can give the triangle controller this information secretly “always making a triangle with the other two.” It can be fun at the end of the scene to ask the others what the instruction was and then reveal it if they haven’t figured it out).
      3. Start a new scene. In this version, change who willbe the “triangle controlling person” whilethe scene is going.(Someone off stage yells the name of the new “triangle controller”.)

It is important to have a physical reaction.

-When you move, don’t hesitate. If you are the “triangle controlling person,” move into position immediately.

-The performer’s movement will draw the audience’s attention. The game also helps improvisers to break the ‘talking heads’ habit. 

-When the body moves, it leads the storytelling. (Make sense of the movement that the others have forced you to do)

It taught me:

– Be elegant in your movement. When you move, move directly without hesitation.

– Move, be physically active because your body can lead storytelling even better than your words.

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